Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Prophet and the Dragon - heaven is wherever your Beloved is...

Heavenly Dragons & The Prophet's Presence
Only heavenly shoulders will bear your heavenly burden
Only with heavenly eyes can see heavenly dragons.
From heavenly lips you will hear heavenly sermons,
From heavenly books came the heavenly commandments,

With heavenly guidance you may reach the seventh heaven,
But only with his intercession may you reach the Prophet's presence,

Heavenly address. We are told by resourceful and informative sources that there are quite a few heavens up there in the afterlife. And each plot of holy land already has a name written in the deed, and verily your piece of heaven is already yearning for your presence. But it appears that the best heavenly postcode to have is 101, Abu Bakar Avenue, Muhammad Heaven.

Pretentious, presumptuous Sufi attachments perhaps, but for the followers of Muhammad Habibullah, Prophet of God(pbuh), there is no yearning more bittersweet, no desire more complete than to finally be in the presence of the Prophet, Mercy to the Worlds(pbuh). And I reckon they would not care whatever or however the place is called in the Divine Yellow Pages, because it is only in the Prophet's presence will they find their whole true selves and happiness. The perfection of God's heaven is really wherever Muhammad(pbuh) is, you see.

Well, this is what they tell me, anyway.

You will get to see J.R.R. Tolkien's Smaug the Dragon in a couple of year's time
when the third part of 'The Hobbit' will be playing in a cinema near you.
You will not help but feel some empathy for Smaug, because Tolkien's Smaug,
much like our heavenly dragon considers himself exceedingly beautiful and
wise. Because you see, just like Mankind, dragons too have
rather large egos, which means that the Devil has something
to manipulate the dragon with. Just as He has manipulated

Man since the very beginning.

Dragons! Dragons have gotten some pretty bad rep, but the very first original dragons were heavenly beautiful creatures, splendid in their golden skin and mighty wings. Alas, one ancient dragon was tricked by the Devil to convey him into paradise, where the Accursed One proceeded to conspire and fool the First Couple to partake the forbidden fruit. Because of that single error the dragon lost his limbs, wings and heavenly finery, becoming a loathsome and despised thing, a limbless serpent both hated and feared by mankind... aka the snake.

What a bummer for the poor dragon. And yet how many amongst us who were also attentive listeners to the whispers of the Devil? Quite a few I suspect.

As for the Accursed One(the Devil), he was already cursed, but not by God, but from his very own lips. But perhaps that is an interesting tale for another posting...

The Prophet and the Dragon. A happy treat for a happy day. After all, it is still Ramadhan and the sinner (hurrah!) is finally well.

God bless you, sunshine. Always happy to have your company.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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