Monday, August 13, 2012

Mikhail and His Verbal Jackhammer

Aieeeeeeeee! Someone make him stop!
Have you ever spent one hour with your son (or daughter) and you felt like your beloved child was drilling into your head with a verbal jackhammer? - Papa, why are you back early? Papa, I think I hate school. Papa, you win Angrybird every time when I am with you! Papa, I love the Beast Quest books! Papa, when are you sending me back to small house? Papa, your tummy is so big! Papa, can we sleep early tonight... and on and on and on. You get it. It's a Papa-Papa-Papa-Papa-Papa parade... And it drives me nuts sometime.
Mika's jackhammer is blue. Because he's a  boy obviously.

I came back pretty tired today, and I saw that Mikhail's ustaz (religious teacher) is in the living room teaching him to read Arabic scripts. I waved at Mika and ducked upstairs to my room. Not 10 minutes after, Mika comes crashing into my room wearing only his yellow Sponge Bob underwear.I sought a clarification from my son as to his state of undress. He replied smiling and chuckling to himself, "(After the ustaz left) I wanted to see you so much that I couldn't wait to get dressed!""

Hmm. Maybe I can deal with a few more hours under Mikhail's jackhammer...

Life is so lovely sometimes, and some moments so poignant that I am glad I have a path to channel all these observations. So thank you sunshine, for being here and listening.

God bless.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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