Sunday, August 5, 2012

Truth of Haqq (Truth) and the Heart - our steady, stumbling, slow progress...

75. One
And I am undone,
Unmade, unwritten, unread.
Unraveling, my brother! I am unraveling!
Fading but not dying,
Dreaming but not sleeping.

And I am undone,
Lost to you,
Lost to me,
Blinded by the Sun.

The Path is about learning the Truth of the Heart and Love, manifested in this world by the ascendancy of Muhammad, Prophet of Truth (Haqq, also the name of God).

We begin by comparing notes about our past and present habits with the teachings of the Prophet(pbuh) - Hmm. Alright, I shan't do this anymore. Okay... I will do less of this. Alright... I will do it this way to avoid being such a pain... and thus through these personal adjustments our daily lives changes, little by little. And sometimes the change is so microscopic that anyone else but God would not even notice the change. So thank God for God!

Angel: O' Lord, do you need this? We look at this man and see no change at all!
God: No... no. No need. I created Mankind. I know them well. 


But sometimes we come to a threshold in our lives where we will finally give up the game and resolve, "What the heck! I am chucking away everything wrong that I do and starting tomorrow with everything that is right and beloved by God!"

Then you wake up next morning. Umm. Err... Ummm... maybe not today. I will do it tomorrow.

Angel: Blessed morning, mortal! Today you promised to start exercising
and eating right! I have already designed a program for you...

You know, God and His Beloved Habibullah(pbuh) has all the time in the world (and more). The question is do we have time to continue suffering our constant sadness and despair, our sense of helplessness and wretchedness? Because truth be told, we ourselves are our worst critics, whipping ourselves into states of despondency by our contratemps and errors. We may be doing good, making that change, improving our selves in the Name of God, but it is also to benefit us, in this life and in the next. For God wants worldly and heavenly happiness and success for us.

As a born procrastinator, I am not going to come down hard on anyone in our delaying tactics. It is just an observation... that God is waiting, and the Prophet is waiting...


Have a lovely day, sunshine. And you know... if tomorrow does not bring the change, it's okay. Try again the day after tomorrow. I just don't want anyone to have that stupefied look on their faces if tomorrow does not come for them. It would be kinda awkward.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

Hehe hehe!
I have been reading your blog posts of the past week and have been laughing and thinking and feeling sorry that you've been 'running' too much!!

And your Malaysian Olympian has got hold of the true Olympian spirit, to be sure!

Good luck with your new Malaysian blog too!

A fruitful Ramadan to you and yours...I don't know, does one say, "Happy Ramadan?"

Milky Tea said...

Some of our big F&B outlets here which includes Kayu Nasi Kandar (Indian-Muslim franchise) and Baskin Robbins (Oh. you know it already!) promised to serve free food and ice cream if Lee Chong Wei won gold. As you have read he lost and won only silver. But the F&Bs decided what the heck and gave out the freebies anyways! He he he...

'Happy Ramadan' is just fine. I have stopped 'running' and I think I may have lost some weight.

Ahh. There is a silver lining in every cloud.

God bless.