Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Planner of an 8 year old - Mikhail and his lunch problems...

An 8 year old's life is not easy. Busy with school and social commitments. There is homework to do and let's not even talk about playtime. So busy. Mika asked for a Daily Planner from his mum. I have just sent him to school, so now I can have a good look in his Daily Planner... Hehehe. I should respect his privacy? Nonsense. Honestly, what DOES an 8 year old need to plan for anyway?

Yes. He leaves for school around 6.45am. And I see he is timing to finish his lunch
of chicken, fish and rice in exactly 10 minutes. What?! 2 hours 10 minutes to play on
the laptop?! And then watch TV for 1 hour 10 minutes?! I gotta get this boy outdoors...
I also note that I am suppose to be back by 6pm to help him with his homework.
So this is not just Mika's Daily Planner, but mine too. 
He has a 'Lunch Problem'. Poor guy. But he has a tip! - make instant pot mee (noodle)
and share with someone (I cannot figure out the hideous scrawl).
Mika noticed that he mistakenly jotted down his Monday schedule on Sunday.
So here is his actual schedule. I am interested with the line "school footnote: check on
website lunch prbolems."
 I think he has more spelling prbolems that lunch prbolems.
Mika's life is full of footnotes - "Listen in assembly" The school has an
assembly every Monday, I think. 
22nd July... he remembers! Written in his curious 8 year old cynical wit -
"nobody's birthday. no just kiddin. Papa's birthday"
Kids... they are just smaller versions of us. But perhaps better and smarter.

Have a lovely Monday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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