Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For all this crazy while it is You whom I desire...

With the timber of truth planted in the grove of love, we will bring down all
the castles and towers of the one-eyed king, he who divides and he
who pulls the veil over all mankind - but he cannot pull the veil
over God, His Prophet and the Saints!

For all this crazy while it is You whom I desire
I have prayed with Muslims and Christians,
I have prayed with Jews and Hindus,
I have turned the prayer wheel of the Buddhists,
I have seen the fire of the fire-worshippers,
I have been in the abbeys, mosques, temples and cathedrals,
I have sat in the auditorium of the agnostics,
I have contemplated the world through the eyes of the atheists,
I have stolen food with the beggars,
I have traded with merchants,
And from the soapbox I have lied
Like a born politician.

I am familiar with all of them
And I am friendly with all of them.
For I cannot choose the stranger I will meet in the bus,
Nor can I foretell the guest who will walk through my door,
For I am waiting for You, you see,
But until I meet You
How can I turn away 
Those whom You have sent to me?

I have become familiar with
The virtuous and the foolish,
The believers and unbelievers,
I have drank the water, I have touched the fire,
When the sad truth is...

For all this crazy while,
It is You whom I desire.

There is no god but God, sunshine. And there is only one humanity sprung from Adam and Eve. How will God become familiar to us if we are resentful and hateful to those He has sent to be our neighbours and friends, our family and colleagues? Who sent the stranger at the door? Who sent the beggar at the gate if not God? Would He desire familiarity with us when we are callous to those we are already familiar with?

God is Most Wonderful, Most uber-exciting, Most Tolerant and Loving... but sometimes I think we are asking too much of His Mercy and Compassion, when we ourselves are neither merciful nor compassionate. This is the sacrosanct teaching of Saidina Muhammad (pbuh). Pull away the false beard and abject falsehood of those who preaches otherwise!

Today is a fine day to fall in love, sunshine. Fall...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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