Monday, March 5, 2012

God, Parenthood and Children - another epiphany, one of many...

One afternoon, my son found his old baby pictures...

God is God
God is God,
And there is no one like God!

For He surely cannot be like us
Who become transfixed in front of our reflections
That are our children, doing nothing
But wishing for the universe to pause a while
That we might delight in the charm and beauty
Of our beloved child…

God is God
And there is no one like God!

*SNIFF!* I am a blubber. A crybaby. I do it all the time. I was just replying to a comment in an earlier posting where we talked about the parents’ relationship with their children, when again I blubbered. Even old baby pictures get me teary-eyed. I am hopeless this way...

In my reply I said how lucky we are to have children who still sighed despondently when we say we have to go away for a while. It can be for work, to run an errand, to visit a relative or simply just to go for a walk. But our children don’t care about the reasons. They only care that we are not there with them. And I think it is a beautiful thought. Just as how we ourselves yearn for our children when they are away…

I am built this way, and as I wrote the reply I got misty-eyed.. My friend Ariffin often complaints, “Sendiri cerita, sendiri menangis! (You tell the story, and you yourself cry!)” Anyway, this got me thinking about God and mankind. For according to reputable sources, God loves us more than we love our own children. That boggles the mind (as I am sure God intended). So thank God that God doesn’t blubber and sit around crying when He looks at us. Thankfully, He is the Almighty One, Unique and All-loving beyond compare!

Have a lovely day then, sunshine. And for goodness's sake, don't blubber!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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