Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Problem About Being Right

5. Highest Criterion
Manners and discretion
Is the highest criterion
To mark human virtue
Or folly.

It is a real understanding
And supersedes the simpletons’
Concept of religion.

THE PROBLEM ABOUT BEING RIGHT IS THAT SOMEONE MUST BE WRONG. People like to think they are after truths. But often enough, truths bring pain and heartache, misunderstanding and conflict. Because everyone have their own idea of the truths. And everyone thinks they are right. But if our idea of truths collides with someone else's idea of truths, surely we cannot both be right. Someone must be wrong.

WHAT REALLY MATTERS? - GOOD MANNERS. But in my brief existence, I have come to notice that the question of right and wrong is almost ancillary to the main focus. It is discretion, good manners and etiquette that fuels the engine of human interaction, no matter you think yourself right. You have to sit and listen, ponder and contemplate, tolerate and ultimately, feel empathy to your brother or sister who has a differing opinion. This is true about the rival football clubs that you support. This is true about the religion that you believe in. This is true about all things that men can hold in their thoughts and in their hearts. After all, you might be wrong. Then at least, you can say to yourself, "Thank God, I didn't throw my weight around. Thank God, I took other people's feelings into consideration. Thank God, I did not make a fool out of myself, by making a fool of other people's differing views."

After all, even if we differ in the technical issues about God, mankind and religion, good manners are appreciated by everyone, regardless of our faith and what is written on our grave's headstones.

Kiara Cemetery
Thank you, sunshine, for dropping in. And thank you for teaching me that good manners cost nothing but our own vanity in our wisdom. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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