Friday, March 9, 2012

Mr. Magnanimity - finding something new and something beautiful in an old friend

Magnanimity is the river that runs its course around the hard rock of our
ego and pride. (Picture from Janda Baik village)
Magnanimity costs nothing
But the cruel tyranny of your ego
And the bitter indignation of your pride,
As they cajole and push you to judgment and anger,
To which, you reply, "That way, I shall not go".

Firmly closing the door to hate, hubris
And the conceit of thinking we know what lies
In the well of the human heart.

I met an old friend recently, and how shall I put this delicately... we had a past of sorts. A history of incrimination, disappointments and rejection. Given the circumstances, my friend, whom I shall call Mr.M, had all the reasons to be indignant, bitter and was well in a position to tell me "I-Told-You-So" and "What-do-I-care?-Go-Suck-An-Egg".

But he didn't. As always he appeared kind, understanding and literally neck deep in empathy. Although he could have, he did not blame anyone. Although he could have, he did not cast aspersions on anyone. Although the moral high horse was there, bridled and begging to be ridden, he chose not to. Instead, metaphorically (and in a totally non-pompous way, unlike me) he observed, "We all make mistakes, and to be given a second chance, is to me a mercy."

Mr.M would not fall into the category of the ornately pious. He is a funny ol' sinner with an earthy sense of humour, but above all he is also kind, gentle with a sweet repose of empathy in his eyes. With him, I learn the meaning of magnanimity, empathy and giving someone a break. Because after all, don't we all need a break sometimes?

Have a wonderful day, sunshine. And may today bring you a new discovery of some beautiful aspect of an old friend whom you thought you knew well enough already.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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