Sunday, March 18, 2012

Take your time. You have all your life to discover yourself.

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Mika was only 5 years old when he caught chickenpox. 
16. Divine Mind-Altering Substance
Food taste better
Prayer feels sweeter
Since I have come to meet
A Naqshbandi Mureed.

Ya Saidi, if we could bottle and sell it
We would be rich, rich, rich!

So wrote an apprentice of a Sufi Order long ago. I was pretty darn happy back then with what I have found.

Now I still feel pretty darn good. But the taste of life and love has altered. I guess it comes with age, for 8 years have passed since this prose was written. The taste is still sweet, but it is more subtle, delicate with many, many layers and nuances.

Of course this means that even if we bottle this experience we shan't be able to sell it in the consumer market. Alas, I won't get rich this way. Not when people want instant gratification, overnight change and spontaneous ecstasy of a spiritual form. Oh, the passion and the wonder are all still there, but the beauty of spirituality is that it turns even the mundane into a beautiful and transcendental experience. Like having your first cup of tea late in the morning while trying to blog something nice. But turning the mundane into something beautiful requires time. Time and effort. Which is the antipathy of our consumer society.

So if you want to drink religion and spirituality, take your time. You have all your life to discover yourself, sunshine. How can you know what you need to know in the context of an infinity of happiness with God when we are still constrained by time? Don't rush.

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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