Friday, March 16, 2012

You Asked, He Said - An Allegory

This is a map technically known as a squiggly doodlee,

You Asked - He Said (An Allegory)
O' God! You are the Hidden Treasure
And You wanted to be known,
So tell me where You are hiding
And show me all the treasures
That You own…

The Dot beneath the Bar,
The Dot beneath the Bar…

He said.

Like all treasures,
You will find Him buried
In the earth called Man,

The Dot beneath the Bar…

He said.

In the place marked ‘X’
On the Divine Map of Muhammad,
On the lower left of your breast
Where resides your spiritual heart,

Pass the witnessing of Time,

Under the shadow of the One-eyed King,

Across the open desert,
Beside a water tap
That someone left running,

Away from the book-burners -
The deniers and usurpers,

Within sight of Mount Qaf,
‘786’ said the sign
Beneath a shining star
And a luminous crescent moon…

The Dot beneath the Bar…

This prose is an allegory derived from many beliefs and dogmas of the religion known as Islam. It is talking about the journey we take in meanings as we walk our simple quiet way across life, and to hopefully find the meaning of the Divine etched within our hearts.

This is, I believe, the promise held by each man, woman and child on this planet. Surely, our task, as brothers and sisters united in the belief of One God, is to help each other along the way.

Perhaps the name of your map, and the labels and pictures written within may differ from my scroll. But no one who believes in God can deny that our end destination is to Him, regardless of our differences.

With that poignant but hopeful note, I wish you a lovely Friday.

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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