Thursday, March 1, 2012

NONE BUT ONE - mankind, our labels, pride and petty squabbles

They Say
They may say…
I am Westernized,
I am Orthodox,
Kiara Cemetery.
I am a Liberal,
I am a Libertine,

They may say…
I am a Fundamentalist,
I am a Progressive,
I am an Extremist,
I am a Moderate,

They may say…
I am political,
I am immoral,
I am a Mason,
I have no scruples,

They may say…
I am an Idealist,
I am a Socialist,
I am Spiritual,
I am a Realist,

They may say…
I am an Anarchist,
I am a Hedonist,
I am a Humanist,
I am a Pacifist.

They may say…
I am a Believer,
I am a Heretic,
I am an Innovator,
I am a fake.

They can call me by any name they want,
For that is their way...

The way of men and their labels,
Their pride and petty squabbles,
When their God is none but One.

When I hear people talk about defending the faith, upholding the spirit of the religion, protecting the sanctity of the scriptures, fighting back against the tide of hedonism and immorality... well, I turn to another TV channel.

Those godly people of religion always proclaim that God is One, that there is no god but God, One, True and Absolute. Now that is very wonderful, but when they imply (they always imply, they dare not say it) that God is their God and no one else's? Where does it leave us poor sinners and suckers, who are neither very pious, very good or very religious? The horde of humanity living smack in mid-town, Faithville?

God is God. Straight and simple. And He is God of both the Believers and Unbelievers. As a Believer, Sinner or Unbeliever, please don't take God away from me... I need Him as much as you do.

Have a thoughtful day, sunshine. We will stick together, yes?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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