Saturday, March 17, 2012

God is for Everyone, you see, but... - Veneration of the Prophet

1. The best of mores
The best of books
Can be read in a few days,
But the best of mores
Require a little more time.

A critical loss in the
Current thinking of
Preachers simply preaching
From books, giving
Manners little attention.

I don't know about any other parent, but I get exasperated teaching my son, Mikkhail. That sort of head-banging hair-pulling by its roots sorta exasperation, you know?

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received his first revelations of God through the Arch-Angel Gabriel when he was 40 years old. Over more than 2 decades he carried out his mission over the people of Arabia, beginning with Mecca, Medina and spreading across the Arabian desert bedouins and city folks. It must have been exasperating for him too, but Muslims believe that he has fulfilled his prophethood and trust completely and now, more than 1,400 years later here we are.

Non-Muslims sometimes find it hard to understand why Muslims are so fixated over the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is simple. Love - that joyous, beautiful, subtle and overwhelming sentiment that crowds out all the bad thoughts and put in its place the good thoughts. For you must understand that the first part of the Muslim attestation of faith, "I bear witness that there is no god but God" - this encompasses the esssence of our belief that all of mankind worship the same one God, Who is Absolute in His Uniqueness and Oneness. This part links Muslims to non-Muslims who believes in God. The second part reads "... and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.", and this is for Muslims and the central pillar which connects one Muslim to another. God is for everyone, you see... but Muhammad (pbuh), he is for us. So of course we hold him special and dear to us.

He was sent first to the Arabs because it is always an awkward and impossible task to change the Arabs and their ways. But he did it with patience, understanding and empathy. Now Islam has spread across the four corners of the globe, and Muslims, Chinese, Indians, Germans, Spanish, Africans etc... we all who profess the religion of Islam and the second part of the attestation of faith are united by our love and veneration of Muhammad (pbuh). What connects us to the rest of mankind is the first part, the proclamation that all of humanity is under God. But even this global connection between you and I which can be traced directly to our common grandparents, Adam and Eve is governed by the Way of the Prophet - discretion, subtlety, honesty, patience, honour and empathy. And we should all remember this, especially when we are having difficulty teaching our kids maths!

I promise I will try (I gotta, because one day soon, the shoe will be in the other foot, and Mikhail will be the one teaching me stuffs, I doth think).

Take care, sunshine. May we receive His blessings always, God Almighty Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Post Script (1 hour down the road) - I find it selfish saying that Muhammad (pbuh) is only for the Muslims. I take that back because that is not the complete truth. For according to our beliefs God had sent Muhammad (pbuh) as Mercy to All the Worlds. Yes. I cannot 'own' the idea, it is for everyone... please take whatever lessons and understanding you want of Muhammad (pbuh). It is all yours... it is not mine at all.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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