Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who Are You In History? - the deniers and nay-sayers

Even these little flowers know their history. It is embedded in their DNA.
But too few Muslims understand their own past.
A History Lesson
They have not been to the Library of Baghdad,
They have not seen the singers and dancers
In the market place of Damascus,
They have not looked as Ibn Arabi
Walked across the town square,
They have not eaten in the taverns of Cordoba,
They have not seen the sun rise over
The Dome of the Blue Mosque,
They have not eaten the dates
From the plantations of Medina,
They have never seen the golden glory of the Ottomans,
The delicate royal flourishes of the Andalusian Umayads,
The Sword, The Lion and the Gentle Sultan,
Love-torn Rumi, Mighty Abdul Qader Geylani,
Wise and Crazy Nasruddin...

... are all their history
If only they would inquire and ask,
If only they would open a book to learn,
And as we bear witness of the most misguided
Claiming leadership over our community,
Claiming jihad on behalf of our community,
We pose a question, "If you are a leader,
Whereof is your knowledge of 1,433 years
Of your own history?"

If you are not crying for the loss of our Lord's glory
Dressed in the society of good people,
If you harbour hate and bitterness in your heart
And bear the standards of hubris into battle,
Who are you in your faith's history?

My dear Muslims, we will all play our part in history. So find out how you got to where you are now and learn of your roots. Close your ears to those Deniers and Nay-Sayers among the Muslims who will tell you that 1,400 years of Muslim history never happened. Those preachers who will tell you that only they have the perfect absolutist faith. They are often called Wahhabis, though they will deny it. It is not for the disagreement in the protocols of religion that their falsehood begets the evil, but their trenchant denial of the true state and nature of Muhammad, the Prophet of God, that is corrupting their lessons. 

Have a sweet Sabbath, sunshine. Do not let my little rant spoil your breakfast. You yourself are part of the beautiful history, so don't worry...

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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