Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mercy's War Against Hubris - The Prince Part 2

Are you Jewish? Muslim? Christian? Hindu? Are you an Agnostic? Atheist?
Whatever... just say no to hubris.
131. Compassion and the Masters
In the hands of the Masters,
Is a weapon deadly,
True and fatal,
As Mercy is,
A mighty engine of war,
In God’s Own Armory,
Set upon a strong redoubt,
Raised high above the crowd
Of petty human jealousy.

You cannot fight the good fight without Compassion and Mercy. Indeed, the absence of Compassion and Mercy actually annuls and negates the very thing that some so-called jihadis and neo-crusaders think they are propagating. Such people are the foes of all humanity, because they sell poison but say it is honey, and they garb their hubris, hate and violence in the Name of God and the Prophet, which must be the most shocking deception of them all.

A better world is only a contemplation away. I am a fool but even I can see that the step forward is for all of us, regardless of our faiths, to resist hate and hubris in all forms.

I am still thinking of my Master who just passed away. He is a compassionate one, he is. I recall that one of the longest interview I had with him happened in a small coffee shop in our neighbourhood called Pekan Bistro. It makes me smile thinking about the unexpected encounter. I hardly ever talk to him (I am shy with him), so I wrote it all down here in this almanac. I am glad I did. - Click Here if you wanna read it...

Thank you for dropping in, sunshine. I love it when you do.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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