Sunday, April 1, 2012

We only mourn for ourselves - The Prince Part 3

Please Give Me Rest
Let my eyes rest awhile from crying,
Let my mind lay still awhile from thinking,
Let my heart stop awhile from beating,
For each beat that I feel
I cannot stop thinking
Of him.

Let me wake from this restless sleep,
And end this dream – that for as long as I live
I shall never again see his face, his smile,
And the compassion
That oh so easily,
Fell from his lips.

Let my pen rest awhile from writing,
Let my soul rest awhile from aching,
For I am tired of remembering
How on that fateful morning,
My brother came knocking on my door
To tell me you have died
And is no more.

This prose is dedicated to everyone who has lost someone who meant so much to you. Yes, we know death is inevitable. Yes, we understand that no one may bring forward or delay one second of his or her passing. Yes, we realize that death is a doorway, and is one step closer to the Divine Presence. But we are human beings, and we find it hard to break the habit of a lifetime. Especially when the habit is knitted into our hearts with Love.

We do not mourn for the soul of the dearly departed, because he or she will be in an infinitely better place. We only mourn for ourselves and the loss of familiarity in this world to someone so lovely and so beautiful. A true one. We understand that there is another world, a better world. But we still miss them so. These true ones. May God bless their souls beneath seventy thousand lamps of Love and Mercy. May we see their souls in the Meadow of Mercy, beneath the Moon of Compassion, taking rest by the River of Divine Inspiration. May they walk always with the Prophet, His Companions and the Saints by the Shore of Divine, Utmost Joy.

I cannot say anymore than this, sunshine. God bless you.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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beautiful,, Al Fatiha...

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Ameen Ameen Ameen...


beautifully written Taufiq. I have always liked your poems.
Missing Shaykh Raja deeply ...