Monday, April 2, 2012

I Go Die Now - A diabolical posting in celebration of Womanhood and Humour

29. Humour is my salvation
Humour is my salvation,
Laughter my salve,
Wit is the cooling breeze
That calms my trembling hand
Already upon the hilt
Of my sword.

God bless humour, and
Humorous men.

When God created Eve from Adam's left rib, God replaced it
with a funny bone - Because God knows how men would survive women
without a sense of humour...
You do not know love if you have not had the temptation of slicing your own head off to escape from the complaints and criticisms that issues forth from the loving lips of your beloved. You need a little sense of humour to get through any relationship. Don't you agree, sunshine?

And you do not know love if you have not complained to her, "But you treat your friends so differently. You ARE different when you are with you friends. I do not want to criticize you, my love, but you can be awfully touchy and sensitive when you are alone with me." 

And you do not know love if you have not heard her reply, "You get ALL of me, even the parts that my friends may find nauseating (read sentimental) or intolerable (read just mental). You should feel honoured really."

Heche sent me a text message just a couple of minutes ago, and this is what it read, "Its my birthday. No posting for me. I go die now!!"


So this is the posting. I hope she is pleased and decides to reassess her firm decision to 'go die now'. Perhaps this posting is not as how Heche would like it to be, but that is the cross she must bear to be with someone as indiscreet as me. After all, no one but an indiscreet rogue would post a private message on his public blog for the world to read. And perhaps that is why I greatly esteem Heche for her apparent and hidden charms(to use the words of Elinor from Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibilities). Because she too needs a sense of humour to be with me. 

I have been spending these last couple of days nursing a silent sorrow for Ku Ash. All my friends have, bereft as they are from the calming-inspiring presence of the Master. But perhaps it is time to let a little sun ray of humour into our world. For life indeed must go on, with its eternal mix of joy and sadness, laughter and tears... Happy birthday, sweetums.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Sarcasm is from the Devil
Irony is from God
Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

Ok I go die now ;p

Milky Tea said...

For concerned persons, I am happy to confirm that despite her comment here that she intends to perish this right very moment, Heche, thankfully, is still alive and kicking.

This has been a public service broadcast from the almanac.

thank u.

Anonymous said...

get a roof. - fifon