Friday, April 13, 2012

Between the Two Mirrors of an Adam and an Eve - confession of a sweet-talker

Bukit Kiara Cemetery

50. His Big Bang
One day, he was with his love,
And shared with her this prose,

"Sometimes, I feel unstoppable,
And the world is but a game to me,
A toy to amuse and distract me.
At times, I feel helpless utterly,
Drowning in an ocean of yearning.
In this curious happenstance,
The Syariat becomes my support,
A rest from my unending pleading,
“O’ Lord, if not now, then when?!”

Then she asked him what
Made him feel and write so,
And this was his reply.

“The way of the Tarikat
Is being in servitude to Love,
And the flaming core would
Burn us all to an end without end...

... Take for instance the Big Bang,
Had the Lord not intervened,
Whatever would stop the blazing energy
From abating, expanding further and further
With no end in sight, nor any purpose or will?
It was for He to halt and guide the energy
From the Big Bang, to allow the atoms and smallest
Molecules to stay awhile, to form the suns, moons and planets,
To rest the celestial bodies into its proper orbits,
The moons circling the planets, and the planets orbiting the suns,

So you see, I need to pray, I need to remember,
Because if I do not, my Big Bang would have
Me speeding to the furthest ends of my soul,
Impelled by the fire forged in the furnace of my heart…

So…”, the man concluded with a wicked grin,
“…how do you like
Being described as a Big Bang?”

And she answered not.

Beware of falling in love with a lover. For such person is a habitual sweet-talker. And if you ask him why he talks so, he will say, "I cannot be blamed if the Truth (God) is sweet."

Be careful that you do not take credit that he is speaking of you. For often enough he will be praising the Loveliness that God has planted in every Eve. The coaxing eyes, the desiring smile, the gentle voice and the commanding 'I'. 

Hehehe. Come to think of it, Adams should be cautious too in their dealings with Eves. Good, it is settled then, let us all be cautious and circumspect with one another, for we know not when it is not merely two love-birds chatting but an occasion where a divine reflection is speaking to another divine reflection - Like two mirrors facing one other...

God was a Hidden Jewel and He wanted to be Known

Thank you for dropping in today, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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