Friday, April 20, 2012

If you cannot conquer your ego, you will not even conquer a boiled egg!

The Boiled Egg
O' Man!
You may have stolen me
From my sainted mother,
You may have boiled me
In bubbling hot water,
You may break my shell
And consume me,

But for so long
As you have not
Conquered your ego,
You would not have conquered me!

So spoke a boiled egg to me this morning as I was having a late breakfast. And what it says is true. It is true in the smallest scale of our daily mundane existence, and in the bigger scale of the Universe and our spiritual purpose in life. So long as we are susceptible to the blandishment and provocation of our cunning ego, we shall never fully benefit from whatever success we have achieved in this world and the next. The Prophet (pbuh) knew this all too well...

The Prophet, Conqueror of the Ego
He found perfect solace in God,
And He gave up everything for God,
And God found him to be the perfect servant
And offered up everything for him...
All the Lamps of Heaven,
All the noble companions amongst Men and Angels,
All the fishes in the sea,
All the wisdom of His Glorious Library,
All the kings bowing before him,
All the Nations of Men and Djinn,
But through it all, all he ever wanted was God.

And God was not reticent in
Granting the Prophet what he sought.

People now preach about the glory days
Of Islamic conquest and empires.
But where is he who will now conquer
His own ego and desires?

You vs. Your Ego. It is not one big battle, but a prolonged conflict of daily skirmishes between our conscience and heart on one side, and our ego on the other. God help us in our endeavour to overcome this challenge in our spiritual and physical life, Amen.
You again!

Have a wonderful Friday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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