Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Who am I?
I am sitting and writing
Facing the Sunrise
As it bathed me in its
Gentle morning luster.
When I noticed on my laptop screen
The Morning Moon, peeking over my shoulder...

Thus it was between God and the Prophet,
Between Ahad and Ahmad
Did I find a consolation for
My wandering heart…

… I fell from the sky, you see
Countless years ago.
And I cannot say with certainty
What I was before.

… thus I walked out of the sea,
While proud Atlantis was sinking,
… thus I fished in Mother Nile,
While warlocks ruled over her kings.

And I saw the green man! The green man!
Who said, “You are not meant to see me,
But ah… I remember now. You are the one
That fell from the sky, the wandering heart,
Ever asking – who am I? Who am I?”

Willy (Shakespeare) got it right when he said that life was a stage and we are all actors. But I will go a step further and say that it is a rehearsal, or shall we call it an audition to be part of a show before the Divine Presence? Not surprisingly, most of us want to be the heroes or heroines. Nobody wants to be the villain of the piece. But as mankind are such fickle creatures we sometimes mix up our roles, and one moment you are Snow White and the next the Wicked Queen. On one day you may be playing the role of the wisest professor on campus, before becoming an old fool in love with his student.

All this is part of our journey, I guess, of self-discovery. Because you will not know your Lord if you do not know yourself. So we try all sorts of parts, hoping to find the role that best suits our character... For me, the greatest gift that God gives us, is that God has never pulled us aside during these 'live' auditions and whisper into our ears, "Look, son. Maybe the role of a human being is not for you. Why don't you try to be a rock, a tree perhaps or a butterfly..."

I have written quite a bit around Shaykh Raja Ashman
Shah (Ku Ash). Oh no. I never write of him, for I really
don't know him at all. One day, if God permit me,
I shall ask the Prophet. 
But God has not. For some reason only known to God, He keeps on watching and listening as we fumble our lines and bump into the furniture. In a way, each day, as He sends us to sleep, He is assuring us, "Go on back, luvvie. Learn the lines better and we will try again tomorrow. And for goodness sake, try to find the best role you can carry..."

So don't worry too much if you are like that strange one who fell from the sky and who keeps on asking, "Who am I? Who am I?" Because even if God one day asks you, "Who are you?" You can still reply even if you do not know the answer... "I am whoever you say I am, o' Lord."

Have a beautiful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way.

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