Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love's Errand at the Court of the King (and Tsunami breaking news. *Gulp*)

Bukit Kiara Cemetery

Love’s Errand at the Court of the King
Grave visiting is love’s errand.
The sweetness of days long past remembered,
Verily do I recall you, o’ saintly soul,
Of your kindness and your gentle words,
Your laughter and your easy smile,
The honeyed friendship, the hallowed fellowship,
As a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a niece,
A grandmother, a grand aunt, a counselor and confidant,
Not one secret did you betray,
Not one promise did you break.
And mercy unto those who visit
To the Garden of Stone,
For verily you are here
As Love’s own ladies-in-waiting
And knights errant,
Courtiers in the Court of the King,
God, the Eternal, the Absolute, the Living!

My aunt, at the grave of her
younger sister, my late mother.
A visit to the Cemetery. If my precious auntie Mak Ndak (real name, Sofiah) was to read the above prose, I am sure she would say something like, "Peq... (for that is my family nickname) I am just visiting the grave of my sister... No big deal."

The weather was fine with a late morning drizzle. Undaunted, my aunt insisted we pay a visit to my mother's grave in Bukit Kiara Cemetery. We stood for awhile around my her black-marbled resting place. It was wet and there was no place to sit, but happily I found a small stool nearby. I placed it at the feet-end of the grave for Mak Ndak. She began her recitation of the Yaasin verse, also known as the Heart of the Quran.

After half and hour, we said our goodbyes. The ground is a little uneven, so I gingerly led her back to the car. It is the least I could do for everything my aunt has done for me through out her sainted life. She reminds me so much of my late mother. 

Breaking News... Tsunami. Mikhail is back with me. It seems that while my son was in the swimming pool at his mum's apartment, about two hours ago, they all noticed that the water was rippling and above, the telephone wire strangely swaying in the air. Uh oh. A large earthquake just hit the large island of Sumatra, Indonesia, basically next door to Malaysia. All the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean have placed their coastal areas on high Tsunami alert. The earthquake is recorded at 8.6 magnitude. A whopper. At this point in time, it is reported that the damage has been 'minimal'. I guess we will get more information later through the night.

Now forewarned, it is my prayer and hope that everyone has taken all precautions possible to safeguard their lives and belongings. May God protect them all. May God protect us all.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Be safe. Holding your part of the world in my hopes for today.

Milky Tea said...

Well, you held the world just right then. Although a large earthquake, it appeared to have been a horizontal slide and not a vertical shift. Damage is not too bad, and happily... no lost of life as far as i know.

Thank u!