Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Silence is Golden but God Bless the Listeners.

Oh, don't mind me, Mika. I am just enjoying some quiet time. You cannot
imagine some of the things I hear humans say... 
By Love's Perfect & Silent Word
I love this silence,
Why are you breaking it
Talking ill of people?

I love this silence,
Why are you breaking it and
Bringing me down?

I love this silence,
Why are you telling me of things
That I cannot change?

I love this silence,
Why do you break it
With scandals and horrors?

I love this silence,
So leave me be please.

I love this silence,
But if you wish to break it,
Break it by telling me how happy you are and
How wonderful you think this world is,
Break it by telling me that you have fallen in love,
Break it by telling me that you have made amends with your mother,
Break it by telling me that you understand and you can forgive,
Break it by singing praise of God, break it by singing praise of the Prophet,
Break it with tears running down your cheeks,
As you hold my heart in your trembling hands,
While speaking words of love and hope.

Leave me to my silence
If you wish to speak of anything else,
For you are not telling me the truth,
Deceived as you are by this world
And the illusion of hurt.

I love this silence,
Forever and ever am I
In the embrace of a Lord
That loves me by Love’s 
Perfect and silent word.

We complain a lot, don't we? We complain that the waiter is late. We complain that our spouse never kiss us good morning anymore. We complain about the weather. We complain it is too hot. We complain it is too cold. Complain, complain, complain. Why, we even complain about people complaining. And that is what the prose is all about. Hehehe.

Sometimes I wish that I am awake while sleeping - That I might enjoy the 6 or 8 hours of uninterrupted blissful silence (Unless of course I am snoring. No bliss there. Hehehe). I used to wonder why we need to recite verses during prayers. That is until an old greybeard said that praying is not about the recitation itself, but my listening of the recitation. You are not actually talking during prayers, you are listening. Listening to the words uttered from your lips and from your heart, listening to the words of God and the Prophet. It is not easy, this speaking-listening thingy, but I think it is not impossible.

Listening... listening... listening...

It is an ode to love and silence, this prose. But if you are seeking any meaningful purpose, your mission, if you should choose to accept, is to be a listener for people. And really to permit people to break the silence with their outpouring of problems, angst, irritations, unfulfilled dreams, broken hopes, family disputes, workplace quarrels, OCDs, manias, romantic tragedies, despair and sorrow, hurt, pain and all the assortment of personal drama that makes us sometimes really unbearable company. To a certain degree, I think that everyone has taken this role, but perhaps there is no listener (metaphorically speaking of course) bigger, wider and deeper than a Master of the Path. For the Master must take everyone under his wing, and he cannot reject anyone. Why, ...he has not even rejected this sinner.

So while I appreciate the beauty and bliss of silence, I am forever indebted to those in my life who has allowed me to speak. The Listeners. 

Thank you, sunshine, for listening and allowing the Sinners' Almanac to be small voice in your life...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

The blogosphere is full of listeners.

Milky Tea said...

Full of kind and tolerant listeners. Where would we be without them?

THank you Denise, and happy walking!