Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lingua Franca of the Human Soul - Language of Love

They are of Turko-Indian-Malay descent, but their lingua franca
is the Language of Love. If you speak to them in any other language
your children will simply not understand you... So if you get angry because
your child cannot comprehend you, do not look for their errors,
look instead at yourself.
Do Not Tell Me
Do not tell me how you pray,
Do not tell me what your books tell you,
Do not tell me what your preachers preach
Boasting of their wisdom and heavenly reach.

Do not tell me what is right or wrong,
Do not tell me about your moral code,
Do not confide in me of your hubris
That has made your soul its warm abode.

Do not tell me about what you hate,
Do not tell me about what you know,
Do not be the human traffic light,
Telling people when to stop, slow down or go.

Stop supporting the peeping toms,
The sneak, the rat that is ratting sinners,
Stop quoting God like a hydrogen bomb,
Exploding the lives of His poor creatures,

Stop talking mercy while offering none,
Preaching ‘peace’ from the barrel of the gun,
Raining death from a cloudless sky,
As your children begs the question – why?

Keep the silence and say nothing
If you only have words of hate and wrath,
Speak to me only if you know
How to speak the Language of Love.

This is not a place of learning. This is not an almanac for those with wisdom or seeking wisdom. It has no such ambitions. This is a place for sinners to congregate and share their experiences. And perhaps, between the two of us, God may guide us to be sinners with good manners.

There is no alchemy than what is already within us. We have nothing special borrowed from the Lord's purse. No great insight, no wonderful knowledge, no great exposition of man and his nature. So don't tell me about your religion, speak to me instead in the Language of Love, for that is the lingua franca of the human soul.

Thank you for being you, sunshine. In these tumultuous, hubris and hate-driven days, you continue to keep me believing...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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