Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nothing and No One is anonymous to God

The Shaykh. Jamming it up.
I didn’t know of Ku Ash before now. But when I first saw his picture I was profoundly struck by a very rare feeling that began with ‘his face looks so royal’, and came to find out he actually is. I thought, if that reality shines through a small picture of him in simple Sufi clothing, then perhaps another profound feeling I have is real, that his exalted status as Shaykh is also simple clothing for a true and very rare Prince in the spiritual world, beyond all religions. 
His physical life was clearly a Jewel that communicated the essence of God, as much of a bridge for adults as his beloved candies were for the children, perhaps suggestive of even sweeter gifts to come. It reminds me of how our physical presence and actions and words are the jewels of communication, but it is always the essence of God’s indescribable Silent Love that is being communicated. Shaykh Raja Ashman’s life itself, and the sweet memory of him, will continue to always be a shining bridge for, as a favorite quote says: ‘Things that are real are given and received in Silence’. 
The sadness and grief from his unexpected passing must be unbearable. It is deeply sad for me too and I didn’t even know of him before now. Thank you for sharing his beauty with the world.

Thus commented an anonymous reader about Ku Ash in the earlier posting entitled In Life as in Death, there is no Reality, only Experiences (Click Here if you wanna read it).

I don’t know him (or her), but there is nothing I can disagree with this person’s observations. Except perhaps that last bit about not knowing of him. Because even if he did not know of Shaykh Raja Ashman, by God, I believe he (or she) certainly knew him, and better than me.

Nothing & No One is Anonymous to God
There are billions upon billions of stars in the night sky, almost all anonymous to me. 
But there is nothing anonymous to God... 
Not the biggest star in the biggest galaxy, 
Nor the smallest grain of sand beneath your toes 
As you walk by the Sea of Mercy. 
At this holy place, 
All of humanity converges. 

Just a short note, readers. Bless your strawberry-scented hearts. Oh, and thank you for each and every thought that you jotted down here, from the shortest comment to the longest appraisal. Your words have turned this sinners' hovel into a salon of love. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


jo said...

Kau Ilhamku - he likes the song.

Milky Tea said...

He did? But it is not surprising... for the song is awesome possum...

Thank you for sharing, Jo!