Monday, April 23, 2012

The Wedding of King & Sofia, April 2012

The Bride looks beautiful and the Groom looks pleased. As well he should be.
On Saturday I was in Kuala Terengganu, 500 kilometres away from my hometown, after a mad 5 hours dash across the Peninsular, and then up north to this west coast state of Terengganu. I am not here for fun, but to attend the wedding reception (bride's side) for one of my oldest pal alive, Raja Nushirwan (a.k.a. King), who was married off last night to his amour, Sofia.

People find keys, people use keys and sometimes people lose them. I am very happy that my friend has found his key, albeit taking his sweet time to find Sofia. The whole point about keys is that their sole purpose is to open doors. May Sofia open for my friend more and more doors of happiness and wisdom. And really... it's about time too. Married at forty-two!

Wishing the beautiful couple a brilliant future, a sweet happy union and many (many) children.

He didn't notice our arrival at first. We were late-ish.
Then... the realization and a quick grin from the Pelamin (A traditional Malay raised dias,
throne-like, for the 'king and queen for a day'). This particular type is rare, mostly because it
is built out doors, because the height of the thing would not fit in the house. Let me tell you that the
afternoon was hot, hot, hot. The happy pair should get medals for smiling through the one hour
they were on the Pelamin.
King's mother and father (behind the mum) was hurrying up to the Pelamin to bless the marriage
in the time honoured tradition of Merenjis, the sprinkling of scented rose water on the bride
and groom by both of their parents as well as elders of the family. King said later
that he and Sofia had to face one particularly enthusiastic relative (there is always
one in any wedding) who practically drenched them with a vigorous sprinkling
of the scented water.
Being the old-school gentleman, King's dad let the mother proceed first.
And still gentle-like, he helped his wife down from the Pelamin.
A kiss for the proverbial son.
A kiss for his new Menantu perempuan(daughter-in-law)
His buddies from Wisma Putra (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) made it too.

This was how I spent my weekend. How was yours, sunshine?

The 'Royal Highnesses' also condescended to have their picture
taken with a pair of suspicious-looking commoners.
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wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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