Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celestial History, The Landlady and The Kaaba

23. Celestial History
One day,
You too will play
A small part of a parable.

So play your part well
In the unmasking
Of the Celestial History.

Five days from now, five years from now, why maybe even five centuries from now (Good luck with that, the way we are abusing the planet), people may be looking back and reading about what we did or did not do as part of mankind's amazing history. So in everything that we do, we should remember that at some point in time in the near or distant future, someone is gonna be reading and auditing us. Gulp.

2. History and My Landlady
Without history,
Without stories,
What are religious canons
But house-rules whose boarders
Take illicit pleasure
In disobeying.

For a boy his age, Mikhail's head is rather big. I am hoping that
it must be full of something. Brains, I hope. Actually, I kinda take that
for granted and I try to treat his mind with respect. Stupid, he ain't.
You need history to give the flesh to the bones of religious laws. You cannot just be laying it on thick like butter on young kids, and expect them to obey. For they are hormonally and chemically constructed to test the boundaries of their parents' beliefs and dogmas. It is my own personal preference, but I find 'Sufi-esque' spiritual books to be much more humane and approachable, because they tend to treat the personalities of the past not as two-dimensional whatsits, but real genuine human beings with subtle nuances to their individual characters. And I think children appreciate this and can relate better. Because truth be told, they are far smarter than adults give them credit for.

Old picture of the Holy Kaaba and Mecca. The old townhouses, shops and
alleyways are now gone I am told. Some people simply have absolutely no respect
for history and sensible aesthetics. The famous new Clock Tower? A loathsome edifice.
I think that if you wanna stick God's Name on something at least make the structure
beautiful and harmonious with the surroundings and history.
1. If The Kaaba …
If the Kaaba is a diamond,
The defilers of maqams are conspiring to pry off the gemstones
That dot her ornate setting,

If the Kaaba is life,
The defilers of maqams are conspiring to choke her breath,

If the Kaaba is the sun,
The defilers of maqams are conspiring to eclipse her moons,

If the Kaaba is justice,
The defilers of maqams are conspiring to conceal her mercy,

If the Kaaba is the universe,
The defilers of maqams are conspiring to rewrite her history,

If the Kaaba is a writer,
The defilers of maqams are conspiring to be her censors,

If the Kaaba is Rapunzel,
The defilers of maqams are conspiring to cut off her golden tresses.

That is want they want.

But who can they harm but themselves?
And what can they defile but their own name?

Of course, what is history is open to several interpretations. So choose the books you read, and the person you follow well. Unless of course you are one of those fuddy-duddy woolly-headed Sufi sheep that bleats on and on about love and mercy. Then you have no choice really. For like rain (and I know I have about used this phrase to death), love simply happens. You do not know how the Ocean of Mercy carried you to deposit you on some Shore of Love. One day, you simply woke up from your earthly arrogance, opening your eyes and feeling the sand tickling between your toes, your soul sighs and goes, "Oh Wow."

Have a woolly day, sunshine. See you soon at the beach.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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