Monday, April 16, 2012

God and the Distinguished League of the Broken Hearts

51. O’ Lord, are You with me?
I was driving home
Late one night,
And I felt a tinge
Of uncertainty.
With worry, I whispered,
“O’ Lord, are You with me?”
And the Voice answered,

I was praying late
The same night,
And while prostrated
On the prayermat,
A sense of deep relief
Overwhelmed me,
So I whispered,
“O Lord, are You with me?
And the Voice
Again answered,

Unable to sleep
After the prayers
I was writing,
When I felt
Someone watching,
And then asking,
“O’ Taufiq, why are
You writing still
While others sleep?”

And I typed this reply,
“Because, o’ Voice,
You give me
No other choice”.

“I don’t?”, He asked.

And then I typed,
“Yes, you don’t. And thank You.”

Tracing a smile upon my face, He sighed and said,
“Oh, you are welcome, Taufiq.”

This is not how I write prose ALL the time. It happened late one night in early 2009, as I was driving home, alone, weary and brokenhearted. I think we have all at least once in our life, have driven a car at night, alone, weary and brokenhearted.  In the next couple of days I was well enough to write this prose below. And give a little consolation to another broken heart. Life is funny that way. It is often full of joy, but in between are moments of poignant sadness, when we, deceived by this world, place all our hopes and dreams on this world, only to be disappointed. And we really cannot blame the world, for the world is saying to us, "Your Lord has told you of my nature and form. Yet you choose to believe your ego and disbelieve your Lord."

53. Precious tears
O’ you bedewing your pillow,
Your tears are My tears, o’ sad one.
What has taken you so ill,
So as to pull one pearly tear
That is so precious to Me?

If you have no where to turn to, turn to Me.

If you have no hope to cling to, cling to Me.

If you are faced with doubt, doubt not My Love for you.

If you are faced with fear, if you feel unloved,
Oh, love! Do you not hear?...

I am your Lord, your King.
The Mightiest, the Greatest, the One.
Between you and I, there is nothing,
And if you will be my Moon,
Will I not be your Sun?

To shine on you,
Each precious day,
So that no harm will you despair of.

Do you not know,
O’ shy one?
In Me is the cure
For all ill that
Your heart may endure.

I think we will make it through this life just fine, sunshine. You and I, we are members of the Distinguished League of the Broken Hearts. Oh, you don't remember signing up? You have, sunshine, when we met on the Day of Promises, before time as we know it began. And on that day, witnessed by God in His Court, we agreed to form this league that we may help each other, and remind each other of Him and His all-encompassing and all-enduring Love, Compassion and Mercy for us. This association may not sound like much, but it is. Because our patron is God Himself. And in God is the cure for all ill that humanity may endure. 

Have a lovely Monday. God bless.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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