Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love's Coming and Going - The Prince Part 10

Longhair was there, poor chum, helping to bear Ku Ash
to his earthly resting place... al fatihah.
81. Stay, don’t go
Stay, don’t go
If but for a while,
Stay, don’t go
Be my sparrow in the sky
Stay, don’t go
Be the lovelight in my eye,
The morning star, when dew is born
Wherein there’s no you nor I.

Stay, don’t go
If but for a while,
Stay, don’t go
Walk me this weary mile,
Stay, don’t go
Only to leave me in pain,
For love once found and lost in vain,
Must not be lost again.

Old prose for to the followers, friends and groupies in association, ...and let's be honest here, in love with Shaykh Raja Ashman ibni Sultan Azlan Shah (Ku Ash). It is my fond dream that he has in fact read these two poems here. For they are part of the original Dam.sunsun.Ana collection that I delivered to his house in 2004. He never asked for them. Impetuously I just sent them over at the behest of my friend, Longhair. He said Ku Ash and Kak Jane would appreciate it. I agreed because even from a distance (I am always at a wary distance with the Shaykh), they appeared to be a musical and artsy couple. My sighs in sympathy for Kak Jane and their children. It is just sighs because I don't know where to begin constructing a fitting condolence for the bereaving family of Ku Ash. May Allah bless their sweet loving souls.

84. If
If I am made sightless,
I would still see You,
If I am made deaf,
I would still hear You,
If I am made armless,
I would still hold You,
If I am made lame,
I would still run to You,
If I am made with no eyes,
I would still cry for You,
If I am made mute,
I would still talk to You,
If I am made illiterate,
I would still write love letters to You,
If I am made senseless,
I would still make sense to You,
If I am made heartless,
I would still be in love with You.

Oh Lord! I am undone.

Postscript - And if I am made dead,
I would still be alive in you...

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Stunning and moving poetry.

Thank you for sharing it.