Friday, April 27, 2012

God, Paul Potts and Nefarious Simon - I will take the good times however it comes...

We are the Underdog! Faster than a speeding pooch!
Able to leap tall Dobermans in a single bound!
God and Mr. Paul Potts
Why do we feel like we win when the underdog wins?
Because we feel a little bit of us in them,
The hidden talent, the stranger in a crowd,
The frustrated promise, the burning ambition,
Suddenly let loose by a spark of divine planning,
An unexpected chance, a door of opportunity opening.

Why do we forget that each morning we wake up,
We are that underdog, that little guy, that lost genius
And sitting there is God,
Facing us and beckoning, encouraging,
Go on… show Me what you've got!

Over 100 million hits and still counting on its many versions, is the number of views this little piece of reality show is continuing to pick up on Youtube...

But things were not so straight forward. Old Wiki says "The Sun newspaper received complaints following allegations that Potts had been "coached by Pavarotti". There was anger that he was portrayed on Britain's Got Talent as a simple mobile-phone salesman, whereas he had in fact appeared in six amateur opera productions and in a concert for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and had plans for a summer tour with that orchestra. Potts responded that he had not claimed to be completely untutored, only that he had never performed any concert for pay and was therefore an amateur. He also said that the Pavarotti masterclass he attended in Italy was paid for from his own savings and was a single masterclass, not regular coaching."

But who cares, really? Of course he didn't cultivate that talent just by singing in the shower. For me, Paul's personal initiative and sacrifice simply made his victory all the sweeter. For on that day he walked on stage in Cardiff a shy retiring rose, but proceeded to blow Simon Cowell’s mind away. Everyone dreams such a day for themselves. But such day is here and now. Every day for you, and it is not hard-to-please Simon that is sitting in judgment, but God the Most Gracious, Most Merciful… Most Loving and Most Understanding of all. God, who is on your side. God, who will not let you down. The audience of the Prophets and Saints are sitting expectantly, looking at you with manifest affection and love. The stage crew of Angels are humming together, feet tapping to your accompanying music.

Come on, sunshine. Show God what you’ve got. Winning or failing is a worldly condition, but simply by trying, by giving your very best, you are already a winner in His book. You have absolutely nothing to lose...

And before I leave you, here's another magical moment from Britain's Got Talent audition for 2012. Yes, yes... I admit I am a flaky, cheezy sentimental jelly easily duped by commercial reality shows. But I don't care... I love it when beautiful things happen. It matters not a jot to me that nefarious hard-as-nails Simon had a hand in it. Thank you, God.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way
God gives Everyone
A Chance to Shine

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