Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Adab of Happiness and the Journey of Self Discovery - If life isn't challenging, it would not be interesting

A pure and refreshing stream... running through the plains of Love
In Praise of Muhammad, Most Beloved of the All-Loving
I am a jewel set on the crown of Love,
Were I not beautiful, Lo, who would look to Love?
I am the stream that runs through the plains of the Love,
If I was not pure and refreshing, Lo, who would thirst for Love?!
I am the lamp, a light within the light of Love,
And if I was not shining with happiness,
Lo, who would be attracted to Love?
I am the eye of the storm of Love
And if I was not whirling in happiness,
Lo ,who would be drawn to Love? 

HAPPINESS. A man ancient with experience recently said to me, “Be attentive to your Adab (the courtly courtesies and manners of love), which asks only one thing of you – to be happy always. For who will seek the Creator that you and all of humanity worship, and who will ask of the Prophet that you praise if you are not yourself happy? People shall ask themselves - why ought I follow his way when his way does nothing better than mine?"

He then concluded, “Hide your scowls and your angry stares. Lock up your bitter words and your cynical shrugs. Tie blindfolds on your accusing eyes. Keep away from anything that makes you unhappy. Even if that which makes you unhappy is your own self. For in truth, that is not you at all, but your ego and your base desires impersonating you.”

SELF DISCOVERY. Okay, I get it. But his advice begs another question – Then where shall I look for my true self?

92. Whatever, Whomever You are Looking For
I am your Home and your Homecoming,
I am your Beginning and your Ending.

If love is what you are looking for, love is with Me,
If light is what you are looking for, light is with Me,
If truth is what you are looking for, truth is with Me,
If safety is what you are looking for, safety is with Me,
If friends are what you are looking for, they are with Me,
If Muhammad is who you are looking for, he is with Me,

Whatever, whomever you are looking for, they are all with Me.

And if you are looking for yourself?
You too are with Me.

So why look else where?

Is the Adab of Happiness an easy habit to pick up? Is the journey of self-discovery a walk in the park? Hehehe. Let us consider it this way. If life isn't challenging, it would not be interesting. And God, in His unique creation and continuous recreation of our reality will not let us get bored - a simple faith in our Creator's eternal inventiveness.
Me: God, why are You testing me this way!?
God: I am only expressing My eternal inventiveness, like you said. Remember?

Thank you for sharing a small part of your day with me, sunshine. I always welcome your company.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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