Friday, April 27, 2012

God, Women, Men and the 'Just So' doctrine

It looks like a 'flower'. But actually its a metaphor.
I guess in a way all ‘facts’ are metaphors, bearing within it a seed of greatness that is submission to the utter Awesomeness of the Lord. But the movements towards understanding are often gentle, for God does not want us to accidentally tip over and fall into His Ocean… which in itself is a good thing, but...

Just So
Everything and everyone happens at its appointed hour,
Like rain, Love comes like a gentle shower
Or like a tidal wave out of God's Power,

But often does the Creator plan things ‘just so’,
And moves us ‘just so’,
Never too soon or too late,
Never too fast or too slow.

I am a great advocate of God's 'Just So'. I think it is because I am a man. And as any woman knows, a man is a creature of habit, and like to have his life running along the same groove, day in and day out. So if change is necessary (and most women shall agree that their men all need at least some improvement or modification.), we men prefer the change to be gradual, an evolution - not a revolution, a 'just so' drift, an ever gentle tide, almost indiscernible to the naked human eye. Alas, we men do not always get our way...

Oh Lord! What happened to Thy 'just so' touch and gentle tide?!
Don't Thou knowest that I can't swim!

That is men. May God always forgive us and grant to women the wisdom to accept us just the way we are. Or if not, to at least be patient while we men get our act together. We ARE changing, honest. Even if it is indiscernible to the female eye.

Hehehe. Have a beautiful Friday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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