Wednesday, April 18, 2012


12. Dawn Came
Dawn came,
And poured
From her amphora
The river of light,
Greeting both
Saints and sinners,
Birds and tigers
With the Gracious Salutations
Of the Lord.

A beautiful dawn broke over the skies yesterday. Sometimes God just seem to surpass Himself as the Arch-Artist over the canvas of the World. Here, this is another sky, but a week or two ago, above North Dakota... Picture taken on the Interstate 94. About 4 miles off Steele ND, if you wanna be exact... (thanks, Mion)

He does this arty beauty thing of His everywhere, just as he does his lovey mercy thing of His. Everywhere and for everyone. The only difference between any man or woman is how and to whom do they attribute this Beauty and Mercy to. Believers of all religions attribute it to God, by whatever name or label that they may call Him. And I think that is a beautiful courtly manner (Adab) to have in the presence of the artistic works of the Arch-Artist, the Giver of Mercy, the Painter of the Sky and All Beautiful Things, aka God. And really, you need not look outside at all... You need only look in the mirror.

1. Indiscriminate Mercy
They come with the clouds
And ride the falling raindrops,
Each sparkling pearl,
That feed the earth
And fill the sea,
Heralds of a Lord
Whose Bounty falls
On the heads of the Muslims,
Jews, Christians, Atheists,
Agnostics, Buddhists and Hindus alike.

Have a beautiful day, sunshine. And if you in fact do have one, remember Him, for He is also the Painter of Beautiful Days...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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