Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love, the Opposites and the Ego - If we were not lost, we would not seek guidance

Kiara Cemetery
Things Only Make Sense Because...
Birth only makes sense
Because at one time
We never existed here,

Life only makes sense
Because one day
We shall cease to exist here,

Knowledge only makes sense
Because of our manifest ignorance,

Wisdom only makes sense
For how foolish we can be,

Guidance only makes sense
For the countless times we
Were lost,

Love only makes sense
For the years we spent
Looking for Love,
And thinking ourselves

Forgive us, God,
For making such a false assumption of You
To our own dire detriment!

Senses. 'Goodness' can be perceived by the sense of happiness or contentment that we feel, and 'bad' can be perceived by our own sense of sorrow and regret. But our senses can deceive us, after all mind-bending drugs like cocaine and morphine also makes us feel happy, overjoyed even... but I think everyone can agree that they are not good for us. And medicine is often bitter, so we are not actually overjoyed taking the healing tonic, though we KNOW that it is good for us.

Opposites. So putting our temporary senses aside, wise people have often said that 'Everything is known by its opposites.' And I think I agree. But perhaps a delicate rephrasing is also apt, and that is 'We appreciate everything by its opposites." Thus, we appreciate love for we know and sense what hate is. We appreciate kindness because we have felt apathy. We appreciate tolerance because we have tasted bigotry and we appreciate an open conversation because we have witnessed many times the hubris that closes the gate to amicable discourse.

Love. And above all, we appreciate love - this vague cosmic notion which transcends human logic. Because for the longest time we felt alone, abandoned, unloved, but then Love walked into our hearts and said in a gentle rebuke, "You feel alone because you choose to be away from Me, you feel abandoned because you choose to abandon Me, and how can you be loved when you choose not to love Me?"

Love over Ego. So choose love always, sunshine. From my own experience, it is not the easiest thing sometimes, because love often requires acceptance, and your ego is not wont to submit or accept anything or anyone else but its own dictates. Put your ego on a bridle, and ride it to Love.

Have a lovely day, then. Thank you for dropping by.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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