Thursday, February 2, 2012

9 STEPS TO GETTING MARRIED - Pictures Tell Stories

Find a woman. Fall in love. Propose and get engaged. Check the diary and set the dates.
Show up on said date all dressed and perfumed. Bring family and colourful entourage. Try not
to look nervous. Close your eyes and remember that this is suppose to be an important day in
your life. And that you WILL remember this day for the rest of your life. For really, honey, your
life will not be worth living if you forget it.
Amirul the groom chats with the Tok Kadi who will be officiating the Aqad ceremony
(solemnization of marriage) and sorts out the last minute documents and formalities.
In the background, the dulang (tray) girls bring in the hantaran (gifts) from the groom
side to be exchanged with hantaran from the bride's family.
Balqies the bride, sits a modest distance from the ceremony, waiting nervously. The Tok Kadi
confirms with Balqies that this young groom is indeed the man she desires to marry, and Amirul
in turn was questioned the same. It is good to make sure. 
Sitting next to the rather young Tok Kadi is my cousin, Zaid, father to the bride.
He also looked rather nervous. I joked with him recalling how one of my friend had an
agonizing Aqad not because of his mistakes but the soon-to-be father in law who kept fumbling
the words. That is why the father to the bride would sometimes pass the task of Wali ( representative
who would marry the bride to the groom) to the Tok Kadi. But then my cousin
said, "But I am doing it myself." Uh Oh. Didn't know that.
Only then did I notice a nondescript piece of paper sitting in front of Zaid.
Well, this is a good innovation! So now the chances of the father making mistakes is greatly reduced.
He really just need to say these 2 short paragraphs to marry his eldest daughter in holy matrimony
to the eager groom. If he forgets in mid-sentence, he can just quickly glance down and carry on. 
You gotta test the microphone. No point of speaking if no one can hear.
My cousin grips the hand of Amirul, and in a soft and hardly audible voice reverberating
with emotion he said the magic words. The moment he finishes, he firmly shakes the groom's hand,
indicating to Amirul that he is suppose to respond and confirm.
In a loud and clear voice, Amirul confirmed the Aqad. Happy couple now married.
God bless their young hearts.
Well that's it, sunshine. The deed is done. Have a lovely day.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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