Monday, February 27, 2012

He is in the Ripples of Human Emotion

50. Love is a word I use
Love is a word I
Use for you, but
Sadly it is but only
For a moment true.
For you would soon
Outstrip whatever meaning
I meant when I said 'love'...

By what you say,
By what you do,
By the smallest
Of your gestures,
I am left once again
To ponder your many
Buried treasures.

Romance. I meant this prose and was recorded in romantic sentimentality. The occasion of human passion is a wonderful thing, as the object of your desire drives you crazy-in-love and drives you mad by the strange and often contradictory nuances in their behaviour and character. But you are in love, and so you accept. It is not as if you have much choice, and it is this which drives your ego crazy. But your ego deserves to be driven crazy and humbled, for the human ego thinks itself independent and godlike. So in a way, your amour, the woman (or man) that exasperates you so is actually doing you good. Love is both honey (which is yummy) and medicine (which is ucky).

God. I do not think it strange that God hides His Attributes in us. I think it is the most natural place where Love ought to be...

He is in the Ripples of Human Emotion
In the realm of love and passion, is God's own kingdom...
In the first encounter, in the first timid advances,
In the first shy and glancing touch,
In the first opening of your hearts,
In the wedding and procreation,
In the birth of your first child
Are the pools of thoughtful reflection
Where you can find God...
In the ripples of human emotion.

Kiara Cemetery

May you find Love in you, sunshine. For Love has always been in love with you.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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