Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Bad, Your Good - finding happy answers about life, love and God

1. The nature of knowledge
All knowledge is contained
In the Ocean of the Lord,
And if perchance, I appear
To name different types of knowledge,
Know that it is merely because
I have taken a cup from the Ocean,
And man, in their foolishness,
Keep asking me,
“What are you talking about?!”

My Bad. The cloud of labels at the bottom right column has grown awfully untidy, don't you think? I really must do something about it, simplifying it to a few broad headings. But for the life of me I find it a troublesome chore. It is time-consuming enough to write and sketch, but to endure reading and organizing the postings and prose? You are of course, correct. I should have organised my method properly before I even began recording this almanac. My bad.

Your Good. If you intend to continue your visitation to this almanac, I can only assure you more of my bad. Bad poems, bad grammar, bad spelling, and generally bad, bad, bad all over the place. So you see, I am ever happy to have you here. Your goodness with my badness. And perhaps somewhere in between we shall find some happy answers about life, love and God.

8. Promise me
Oh Lord,
Let not the rivers run dry,
Let not the sea turn to cinder,
And the air to ash,

Let not the voices be silenced,
Let not the songs stand mute,
However fierce the questions,
However troubling the riddle,
We can only try.

But take not the voices and the songs
Away from me.

Have a lovely day, sunshine. You are my voices and songs.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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