Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Soul Wish & The Prophetic Over-reach

My Soul Wish
I am surprised by fate,
Both by sadness and sorrow,
By what is tragic and what is celebratory,
For everything that I asked for
My lord has granted,
But what my soul has asked the Lord
I do not know.
Bukit Kiara Cemetery

It does not matter
What I say I desire,
But what my soul desires,
Being as he is, completely
In the Divine Presence….

I am a servant of my soul,
As I am a servant of my Lord.

I am beloved by my Lord,
As I am beloved by my soul,

I am enamoured by my soul,
As I am enamoured by my Lord,

My Lord is God,
Who is my soul?

Muhammad Habibullah,

Father of Souls.

Gratification & Benefit. Our life is replete with occasions arising from what we wish for ourselves, what our family and friends wish for us, and what the Prophet and the Saints wish for us. What we wish for we do not know whether it will actually be good or not for us. After all, we have only a very limited knowledge, and most of the time, we are just hazarding a guess that what we ask will actually benefit us. More often that not, what we ask from God is what would gratify us. And benefit and gratification is not the same thing.

But what the Prophet and the Saints desire for us is complete in its goodness, for it is beneficial in form and essence, as well as truly gratifying. There is no catch, no hidden cost. It is striking the spiritual lottery, tax-free.

The Prophetic Over-reach. Thus the perfection of happiness is when our wishes coincides with the wishes of the Prophet and Saints. Beyond that point is the honoured path of servanthood. However, this is a journey few can grasp, and mostly our wishes tend to only co-exist with the Prophetic wishes. When we desire good for us, the Prophet would desire even better, when we desire better the Prophet would desire the best for us, and when we thus desire the best for us, the Prophet would turn around and say, "You cannot compare your love for me to my love for you. You cannot compare the goodness I desire for you. I shall always over-reach you."

Have a lovely day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way.

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