Friday, February 3, 2012

Remember Me This Way, Always - The Photographer

The Photographer
If I am smiling, or laughing
Take a snapshot with your heart
And remember me this way always.

If I look beautiful to you,
If the lighting is just right,
If my hair is having a good day,
Quickly take my picture
For I wish to look this way
For you always.

If I cook a great meal for you,
Take a picture of the dishes
Before you eat them,
If I make a beautiful home for you
Take a picture of our house
Before you mess it up,

Take a picture with your heart, my love,
As often as you can,
For one day, I shan't be as beautiful
And I may not be able to keep the house
Nor cook the food as good as I used to,
But I will always want you to remember me this way,
As I shall always remember you this way too...

My beautiful groom, my man,
My steady anchor, my solace,
My heart's photographer.

Rose-Tinted Glasses
Mystics and Sufis are often accused of looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. And no doubt in heart-shaped spectacle frames. But how else ought they look at the world? For they have no other world by which to weigh and compare. This is it, sunshine. This Earth, this Solar System, this Universe and this Dimension. And since it is God who made it all, they are beholden by their rapture of God, to be enraptured by the world. God is out there, in the precise sciences and hidden alchemy of Creation, and He is within us, in our hearts always.

I am young enough to peer into a distant past of my childhood, yet old enough to weigh and contemplate the future of my old age, if God grants me such. And in my sometimes tired limbs (at 4pm in the afternoon!), in my early sleep (10pm. seriously?) and in finding aches and pain in brand new places in my body, I am truly aware of the shortening of the days. Morning turning into night, almost in a blink of an eye. My son, growing way too fast for my comfort. So I understand the aging animal that is man.

Our Very First Kiss
We shall one day lose our physical beauty, our fresh glistening skin ebbing in colour, our muscles and limbs sagging, why even our thoughts, growing slower with more introspection. What we lose in this physical realm, may God reward us with experience, knowledge, and if it pleases Him, perhaps even a little wisdom. To understand the transient nature of our world, and to keep our beloved mate in the antechamber of love that we call the human heart. Inside our hearts are the fond memories, pictures and keepsakes of our life and love - Ever-alive and fresh as the very first day we embraced, and upon our lips when we planted our very first kiss.

Don't you think so, sunshine?

Pax Taufiqa.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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