Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Smile is Enough - My Glory is God, My King is God, My Prophet is Muhammad

Bedeviled by chickenpox, but still smiling. Mikhail at 5 years old.

1. 6th December 2004
Face fate with faith and wink at the devil,
Though saddled with woe and trouble.

If thy faith is weak, a smile is enough,
To face the lonely road ahead,
Though long and rough.

Heche tells me to listen to my own advice, and that I have to be as I write in this almanac. Things have been a little rough these past couple of weeks, and I am a little weak. So I will do as she says and follow my own precepts. I will start with a smile, which is the least we can do.

Talking about the devil, the Grandmaster of a Sufi Order is recovering from sickness, and recently shared this with his disciples. He said that the Devil was tired of his own evil, and soon the Devil will wake from his own drunkenness. He also said that he has been given a new mantra to recite, invocation of God and the Prophet to bring life unto those who are crushed, to end the heaviness and violence that bear upon some of us like rusted chains around our necks... recite!

Subhanim Allah 
(My Glory is God)
Sultanim Allah 
(My King is God)
Nabim Muhammad, Alayhi Salam 
(My Prophet is Muhammad, Upon Him Be Peace)

We say what we say, and pray for peace for all humanity. May this day bring good fortune wherever you are and whoever you may be. For in truth, you are me, as I am you.

Take care, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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