Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mikhail, the Prophet and ParentCam Part II - The Surveillance Continues!

Mika's, then the Prophet's Birthday
It was Mikhail's birthday last 31st January 2012. I later found out that he got a birthday card from his grandfather, my father. To all his grandchildren, my dad is known as Tok Wan. My dad is awfully fond of all his grandchildren, I doth think. Of all days, today especialy I wish to be reminded of love and recollection of love during birthdays. For don't you know? It is my Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Woot woot!

ParentCam Part II - Surveillance on Mikhail
My friend Rina loves taking pictures. And this almanac has benefited from it in the past by her instituting a ParentCam on my son in school (Click Here for earlier posting). Her son Hazeeq is in the same school as Mika and when she fancies it, she takes pictures of my son and posts it on Facebook. I guess we can classify her as a stalker. But we shan't because she is a lovely girl Rina is. One of the best. Well, without further delay, these are the recent surveillance pictures... 

"Hey, who is this girl you are buying snacks for?!" I asked Mika. "Noooo..." he protested.
"I don't even know her! She was just standing next to me... I was with my friend You Shen!"
"Well, where is he then!?" I retorted. "There! There, Papa! In the next picture!"
Oh, I see.
They appear inseparable actually. Mikhail and You Shen. I am glad he is making friends,
because he is actually a shy and sensitive sort. I wonder where he got that trait from?
Now I am pretty damn sure they are not suppose to do that.
But I have seen schoolgirls sitting on the railings that way.
It's the 'in thing' to do, I guess.
No doubt in a deep discussion about philosophy, mathematics,
The Smurfs movie and the disgusting icky girls they must tolerate in school!
He is at that age.
Rina actually took 7 pictures of Mika. So I asked him whether he noticed Kak Rina taking his pictures, to which he replied in the negative. I was surprised. "Mika, are you telling me you didn't even notice Kak Rina? She must have been clicking away right in front of you for some of the pictures!" That's my son for you. Nice people will say that he is a very focused child. No doubt others will comment that he is oblivious of his surroundings. For me I do not care really. He is simply my son. And Tok Wan's grandson.

Have a lovely day, sunshine. Salam Maulid-ur-Rasul!

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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