Friday, February 10, 2012

The Perfect Action of Perfect Knowledge - man and his ill temper

A picture reveals many things and hints to many more,
But what is hidden is infinite.
I often find myself in anger, or at least irritated. There is little to doubt that this will occur when I am continuously caught in the stream of human interaction. Unless I steal myself away from society and plonk myself in the middle of the jungle, the contratemps of human commune will persist however careful I may be not to step on anyone's toes. Sometimes we just don't see those toes, right?

Perfect action only comes from perfect knowledge, but perfect knowledge is the sole attribute of God Himself. We unwashed masses only have a little experience, a little forethought, a little knowledge based mostly on probabilities and predictions to guide our action. From this untidy collection of  incomplete information, we try to take the best action. And that is why we often make mistakes, which is a very human trait.

"Had I but known! Had I but known!" is the refrain of regret that we sing after our initial burst of temper. For me personally, I am tired of singing this tune. I know I still will, being the lazy, inconsiderate brute of a man that I can be, but I hope to reduce the occurrence...

Be patient
God has taught thee to have patience,
For however complete a picture thou thinks thou has,
There is still a lot more merely hinted in the picture,
And by God, a sea of infinite things are totally hidden,
Unless by His Good Grace, God discloses such secrets unto thee.

So in all thy action, o' foolish man
Be patient.

And in bad temper, 

Thank you for dropping by, sunshine. May we always guide each other with understanding and good advice.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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