Sunday, February 12, 2012

Between the Gravestones and the Epithets, in the Wind and in the Silent Earth

Your Tomb, Your Bones and Your Wreaths
I found knowledge between the gravestones
Of my mother's cemetery,
Like a bookmark in history,
She was waiting for me.

I contemplated my life and health,
Fearing if God gives me worldly wealth
Will He then withhold His Love?
Then I heard the rustling breeze
As the wind carried the leaves
Across the empty cemetery.

I asked the wind, “What are you doing?”
To which it replied, “To give you meaning
And to stop your worrying.”

After stumbling among the tombs,
I gathered my thoughts
And returned to my empty rooms,
And as I walked through the door,
Crumbs of earth fell on the floor,

I asked the earth, “What do you think you are doing?”
To which it answered, 
"To enter your home as you entered ours,
To assure you of goodness that cannot be purchased,
To speak of a mercy that shall never run empty,
To insist that you not worry,
Because when the last breath do you release
We shall care for your tomb,
Your bones and your wreaths.

I found myself in the cemetery again. It is often here that I find peace, humanity and beauty. It is funny that of all places, it is in the last refuge of our bones, that I find many answers to the many questions that I have. It is here in the cemetery that I find true life.

In the outside world, humanity is moving too fast. As each man and woman is stretching their existence, moving in great haste and chasing the transient happiness of this world. They do not even enjoy their lives now as they are constantly interrupted by SMSes, Tweets and messages from their Blackberry. Distraction upon distraction lay in wait and ambush our calmness. We speak too much and we say things we shall regret. We judge and judge, never giving our mind and our lips a time to pause and rest. To consider things.

Visiting cemeteries and the dead has an often quietening effect. It mutes our voice, our tongue become still. And it is only then can we hear the Universe speak... between the gravestones and the epithets, in the wind and in the silent earth.

Have a beautiful Sunday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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