Monday, February 20, 2012

Nursing Sadness & Feverish Anticipation

117. Being Unhappy
Being unhappy is appalling manners,
For a servant blessed
With his Lord’s pleasures.

I recorded this prose some time back. For the life of me I cannot recall the circumstances of the prose. Was I happy or sad? Was it written in a fit of ecstasy or in the pangs of sorrow, as a reminder to myself? I really cannot recall...

NURSING OUR SADNESS. Now 8 years on, I guess I still believe in this, with one caveat. That there must be some leeway given for us to face the everyday disappointments and contratemps that litter our lives. How can you not feel sad if your friend dies? How can you not have a niggling feeling of being betrayed if your good buddy vanishes into thin air after borrowing money from you? And how can you not feel at least a little angry if somebody scratches your parked car, but leaves no note for you to contact him (or her). We would not be human, I think, if we do not have our ups and downs.

I do not  think God is unreasonable. So I think what God is asking is for us not to nurse our sadness or bitterness like a newborn babe. At some point we gotta get closure and move one. And yes, I agree, easier said than done sometimes. But we gotta try, for our own sake and our own happiness. 

FEVERISH ANTICIPATION. On the other hand, as we get older comes the circumspection of age. And this encompasses even our most joyous occasion, And I will tell you why: Firstly, I am always apprehensive with the machination of Fate, and the higher I get, the more I think of the possible agony of a fall from such heights of happiness. And secondly, as far as being a servant blessed with the Lord's pleasure, these pleasures (in whatever form) are as such not the Lord Himself. Thus, although we are thankful to know the Lord through His blessings of our good health and prosperity, such manifestations are not God. It is with feverish anticipation that we hope to one day come into the presence of the Giver of Gifts. Then shall our own happiness be complete. Is it too much to ask? I don't think so.

How can we be truly happy?
How can we be truly happy, o' Lord,
In the completeness of happiness?
When for all the blessings that You have bestowed us...
You have not given us You.

Have a thoughtful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will find the Way

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