Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Saint, the Son and the Throne of Mercy

'...the bravest king will fail in his cage of flesh and bones,'

The Saint, the Son and Throne of Mercy
In a little village on top a small hill there lived a father and son. The father was neither very wise nor very stupid. He was really just a typical kind of man, ordinary in no extraordinary way. He could be one of the millions of fathers who live on this Earth.

One night the father sat beside his son who was sleeping, He gently stroked the sleeping head and in the gloom he muttered, “My little prince… my little prince. Were it in my gift to bequeath to you a throne and a kingdom, how I would love to do so.” He then sighed quietly and went to bed.

In his sleep, a saintly vision appeared before the father and spoke to him thus -

A thousand thrones without a kingdom
A thousand hearts without a home
A thousand kings raised in stone
Where are they now
That lie still, crownless and prone?

They were all regents,
But they desired a throne,
They sought kingly glory
All for their own!

But the bravest king will fail
In his cage of flesh and bones,
The mightiest queen will wither
Upon her peacock throne,
Forgetting that their lives,
Their kingdoms and their thrones
Were never truly their own,
And in truth, all but a loan.

So now choose, o’ father
The inheritance that you desire
For your princeling…

Kinghood of this world
With all its inevitable ending
Or servanthood to the Throne of Mercy,
In the Kingdom of a Love Unending?

Without hesitation, the father answered, “I choose God, and He Who shall Sit on the Throne.”

The saint laughed, and as he gradually disappeared like an uninvited ghost, he said, “Good. For I took all the trouble to put the question into a prose. Thankfully Ye God, I had help…”

“From whom?” asked the father.

“Why, from your son of course.”

Have a wonderful day, sunshine. May we always learn from our children.

Wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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