Friday, February 10, 2012

The Coinage of Patience - The Diary

The reflection of perfection is found in the mirror of patience.
So look for the mirror in you.

Dear Diary,

Someone spoke to me last night...

"You are looking for satisfaction in the wrong place, o' troubled friend. Real happiness is with God. But to get to God, you need to bring the only token that God accepts. The only token that God desires from you in exchange for what He has given you - your life, your body and limbs, your beauty and intelligence, your family and friends, and all of Creation - The coinage of Patience. 

So do not despise the man that hurts your feelings. And do not hate the circumstances that tests you, for it is through such tribulations that you mint your Patience.

Everything else God has given you. Patience you must make yourself. And since patience is desired by God, it must surely be the most precious possession that you can deliver to Him. And like all things priceless in this world, patience would be the rarest of gems to be found, locked in the deepest vault of the earth, consuming our sweat, tears and blood to attain. This is the constant struggle within your soul. To find the patience within."

"And if I find patience in me?" I ventured.

"If you find patience..." he replied, "Then by necessary inference, you would have found God."

I gazed at my sweet tormentor, "Alas then, sir. I have not found Him."

I did not mean to record this. But once completed I found it thus written. As an excerpt from a diary it is a little sad... but it is not all bad, I think. Have a beautiful Friday, sunshine.

pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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