Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fear God for what you might miss out - about God, Prophet, mankind and other useful information...

Fear God
Fear God for what He may grant to you,
For instead of giving you
What He desires for you,
He gives you want you desire.

We do not know what's good for us sometimes. Probably, most of the time. I think this is a plain simple truth. And although we may know that God always wants what is good for us, what God actually wants for us (and of us) is often a point of debate and conjecture.

So to avoid all sorts of silliness, God has sent down holy books, Messengers and Prophets to mankind, the last holy book being the al-Quran and the last Messenger being Muhammad ibn Abdullah, the Seal of the Messengers, the Chosen One, the Most Beloved of God(pbuh). God saved the best for last, you see. Just like in every good movie you have ever seen. And even this gripping, nail-biting ending is being drawn out over many, many years, as the spiritual station of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) rises and rises and rises.

So fear God indeed, for many reasons. Another reason being that you might miss out on His Most Excellent gift to us and to all Creation... our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).

I must leave you for a while, sunshine. No postings at all tomorrow as I am going for a day trip to Singapore. Yes, for work. And yes, on a Sunday! 

No rest for the wicked...


wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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