Monday, July 16, 2012

I owe God some money for late-return of His book. But I am not worried.

Borrowing The Book from The Lord’s Library
The rain came to ease the oppressive heat of the tropical sun,
But more cooling to me is Muhammad, created as Mercy to the Worlds,
Love came in the guise of a comely maiden and her inviting smile,
But more beloved to me is Muhammad, from whom I learn to love and to be loved,
The wind came to knock leaves of the trees and fall upon me like a heavenly curtain,
But more heavenly to me is Muhammad, the dictionary of Love from the Lord’s own library,
...And I am borrowing the book, and I do not care how much
The Lord will charge me for late-return,
For the truth is, o’ Lord…
I shall never return
The book!

ADAB. There is good manners (adab), and then there is GOOD MANNERS (ADAB). If you borrow something then come on... it is simple good manners that you must return it, whether it is money, a car, a camel, an umbrella, a house or case in point, someone's book.

WHEN CAN I HAVE MY BOOK BACK!? I have a decent sized library. My literary taste is what some would call eclectic. I like to read about history, economics, wars, business, travel and spiritual stuffs. For fiction, I am fond of PG Wodehouse (humour), JRR Tolkien (fantasy) and Stephen King (horror). It sometimes irritates me that people borrow and don't return books (you know who you are). I am saddened because some of the books, especially the spiritual stuffs, are precious. And if I don't get the book back, I am unable to share the book with someone else. I think most people do not get pleasure in 'owning' the books. Rows and rows of books doesn't give anyone a 'high', it is reading and sharing them that is important.

CONFESSION. But then again I too am guilty of not returning books. And, may God forgive me, because it is the worst thing ever... I am guilty of borrowing a book from God's Own Library and not returning it. No, it is not the holy Quran, since anyone can pick a copy of the book for less than 2 USD. It is the Book of Muhammad, the one-size-fit-all guide and indispensable dictionary for interpreting the Universe, as well as the Book of the Universe (aka the Holy Quran itself).

That cretin Taufiq is still holding on to the book! I cannot find it anywhere here!

BUT I HAVE A CUNNING PLAN - We should not be too worried about the Godly late-return charges and penalty. Because, ha ha ha... I am never going to return the book. And even if we are banned from the Holy Book's Club, so what? Because if we have the Book of Muhammad(pbuh) already, why would we crave (or need) any thing else?

GOOD ADAB! And I think God would consider this bad Adab, the very best of Adab. Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. Together, when that day of finality arrives, we can stand before the Divine Throne and confirm what is written here.

There he goes again, writing! I do think, my brethren,
that he is either very brave or very stupid. 

Bless you, sunshine. Thank you for keeping me company.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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