Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moving to Thee - monotheism, Islam, wahhabism, religion and God's most manifest affection

Moving to Thee
Awake or asleep,
I am moving to Thee,
Running or walking,
Sitting or standing still,
I am moving to Thee.

Praying or sinning,
Playing or working,
Singing or dancing,
Eating or starving,
I am moving to Thee,

Like a china bowl falling of a table,
Like a flotsam cast out of the ocean,
Like the one fallen from Thy heaven,
I am moving to Thee,

It is funny sometimes when we think about it. Well, funny in hindsight of course. I am talking about times in our life when we suddenly feel so unhappy, angry, sad or despairing, as our days seem to be constantly shadowed by fate's disappointments, regrets, tragedies and follies. For these do happen, and we feel so far away. From Him. Or as the Sufis like to call Him, from Hu (as in 'He').

Monotheism is the belief in one God. Perhaps I am bias (okay, I admit I am), but there is probably no more monotheistic religion than Islam, and in Islam there is no monotheist more ardently so than the Sufis. I used to think that the Wahabbis, that unfortunate 'development' in Islamic history, as super-monotheists, but I am proven to be wrong. For they are less concerned with belief in one God than belief in one view - being wholly their view and no one else's. By this intransigence, in the early years of their rise in the Arabian Peninsular they have laid waste to cities and populace, condemning 1,300 years of Islamic history and caliphate(s)to the dustbin of history. Later they used oil money to finance and export their misguided creed to the Muslim developing nations the world over. And although this evil is still being perpetrated to this day(against Muslims who disagree with them as well as non-Muslims) the good ones are fighting back, with love, mercy and guidance of God and the Prophet.

But I am diverting. My undisciplined mind often wanders away this way, forgive me sunshine. Okay, back to the meat of this posting - We can feel whatever we want to feel - joyous, apathetic or miserable, but nothing in Creation is swaying our move to God, our return to Him. Not a second earlier or a second later will our destined passing be quickened or postponed. Most religions say (and they are not wrong), that upon death, we will be judge before the Throne for our action and omission in this life, for our good and bad deeds.

But I also feel that God simply wants us back. To be near Him, and for this appointment He does not want an iota of uncertainty. He loves us so, you see... Is there any better place to be that in His Yearning for you to finally see His Most Manifest Affection for you? If people think that God does not feel this way, they have much yet to learn...

You agree, don't you, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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