Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Driving In Neutral - The Path, The Journey and the Drivers

I was thinking aloud one day... "What is the most spiritual gear for driving if our car is our soul?" This is not such a weird question to ask, you know. Especially with some men and their undying passion for their cars.

Someone told me that it must be the neutral gear. Because it is the ultimate state of submission. Neutral. Neither going forward, neither going reverse, nor is it immovable as in parking mode. Because after all, if life is a spiritual journey, you have to be able to move.

But then another question arises. How the heck do you move along the mystical road if there is no acceleration? My friend said, "Easy. Just tilt the Earth in whatever direction you want, so you will be able to move forwards or backwards, as if you are on a slope."

Right.... I must collect a better quality of friends. Some that might actually make sense.

If my soul was a car, I would choose this as my body. The stupendously
good-looking but totally impractical Alfa Romeo 8C. 

But the truth of the matter is that we engage into all gears in our meandering through this highway of life. We drive forward, accelerating past the speedtraps. We slow down as we see the traffic jam up ahead. And sometimes we even reverse. Especially if we made a wrong turning at some point in our life. And boy, have I made some wrong turnings in MY life! I kid you not.

So I am actually quite far from the state of submission, that surrender mode which appears to be the hallmark of all good soul-drivers. I am always finding myself in tight corners, tunnels, and even road accidents as I try to make my way in this life. I struggle with the steering, I sometimes honk at other drivers, and God forbid if you cut me in a queue. I turn redder and angrier than Bezelbub's most impressive Formula 1 driver.

But we get by, don't we? For along the way, God has guided us to take the scenic route. Some views appalling and despairing, but some vistas are simply breath-taking. I am not sure really, where I am. All i know is that I am on a highway. But happily, I sometimes come to rest at a lay-by and bump into kind souls, also travelling. Also making their way home to our Most Beloved God. People just like you.

Drive safe, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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