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The Mirror of Our Conscience is The Mirror of God - humanists, atheists and this interesting topic of what a human being actually is...

Yikes! The mirror is getting smaller...
The Honour of Prosperity and Poverty
I met an old soul yesterday,
And he shared with me his simply philosophy,
“If I come across someone in dire trouble and worry,
I keep thinking to myself, ‘What an honoured man
To be tested this way… God and the Prophet
Sees something in him which I cannot, surely!’
And when I come across someone living
In the lap of prosperity, with children
And friends around him, in the warm bosom
Of his kin and family, then I do inquire to myself,
‘Oh what a life he has built for himself! Surely
God is rewarding his patience and perseverance
In this life and heaven knows the blessings
That he will be showered with in the next!”

SINCERITY. Then later today, another man dropped in and I recounted the above story to him. My doubting friend asked, “That is what he says, but how do you know it is true?” And it is quite simple really. Because when the old soul finds someone troubled with some problems, he will actually try to help. And when he finds someone worthy to be envied, he does not envy but instead rejoices that there is yet many amongst us who are successful.

CONVICTIONS. And that is the key, you see. For words are merely window dressing and shop displays of the human spirit. They ALWAYS look and sound good, because after all, who wants to look bad? But the truth of our convictions is when they are tested. Tough but true...

SAY 'A' BUT DO 'B'.This is the real problems atheists and agnostics have about religion. Religious people say one thing and do another. And because such God-bothering clubs always say that their action (or lack thereof) are inspired by God and the holy scriptures, then God gets blamed. In fact the very ‘idea’ of God becomes the cause for all that is hateful and destructive in human history – this is the perception of those who disbelieve in God.

They are too smart for me. I am still figuring out
what a human is. Starting with the human
closest to me. Being... err... me. 
HUMANISTS. Atheists also likes to call themselves ‘humanists’. There is no firm definition of what this means, but essentially I think it encompasses freedom of choice and universal human rights.

WHAT IS A HUMAN? For believers, especially Muslims who are partaking in the soiree of Sufism and Tasawwuf (contemplation), the Humanists are simply jumping the gun. For mystics are at a stage in their existence to find out what a human actually is. For God has said, ’Know thyself that thou may know Me.’  

THE MIRROR... And this Knowledge of Self is not something you can just pick up in a book, and reading a couple of hours in the library. It requires Man to pick himself up from the rut and quagmire of his own ego, hubris and arrogance, and look for a mirror. And not just any mirror. There he may see the reality of his humanity, and the divinity of God.

A LIFETIME. And since ‘God, Who He Is’ is a topic of infinite similitude and concepts, it is a journey of understanding that requires a lifetime (and then some) of effort. I would worry that I would get bored, you know… standing in front of the mirror all the time. But thus far, I can confess to you, sunshine, that the experience has been, even for this downtrodden sinner, illuminating and satisfying. How it would be for a person as kind, wise and generous as you… only our Dear Loving God can tell you. But I know it would be good.

... OF OUR CONSCIENCE. Oh, the mirror? It is called our conscience. So act upon your conscience, and see the mirror become bigger and bigger, as God sees you as one of His own... Reject your conscience and see the mirror diminish until God becomes a mere whisper in your life, a small speck of dot in the far horizon. A mere sound bite that Atheists often allege Him to be... The choice, as always... is yours.

My father is 78. And he is still looking at the mirror. It is his life's quest...
And I reckon it is yours too. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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Thank you!
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You have to ask the Almighty about that... I hope I am too.

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