Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Door of Knowledge is the Door of Giving & Sharing - today it's all about doors. hehehe

The Door
The door is open,
The door is open,
The door is open,

I want to go in but someone hands me a pearl
And said, “No! Not yet! Throw this into the ocean!”
I did as I was told and immediately returned to the door,

But this time, the hand extended,
Handing me a beautiful rose,
“Take this and put it in the hearts of your friends and enemies!”
And again I did as I am commanded,

I made my way back to the door, and for the third time
A hand offered to me a paper on which was written a song for the Prophet
And I was told, “Find a singer and let him sing this in front of an audience!”
I rushed to find a singer, and I found one and he agreed!

So I hurried back to the door
And again a hand reached out,
This time with a pen and a bottle of ink,
“Take this and write.” The voice said.

So here I am.


And I will not be rushing to the door again.

For the voice had also assured me...
“Don’t worry. When the time comes,
The door will come to you.

And the door itself will say - Enter! Enter! Enter,
O’ servant of God, 0’ child of Adam and Eve,
O’ Nation of Muhammad!
The time for looking for doors
And the time for knocking on doors
Has ended for thee!”

What a strange little prose that came with the morning Sun today. I think this little dispatch is talking about 'that door' which mystics often refer to. The door of understanding, and the door of giving and sharing.

Say hello to MY good manners!
Whose hand is it that is reaching out from the inside? I haven't a clue. But he appears to be giving good stuffs. Can we take this prose as an assurance that we are already guaranteed salvation? Because the door will ultimately be looking for us?

The good adab (courtly manners), as one friend is sharing with me, is to to take assurance that the prose has already been written. And to take assurance that someone (I think he means you, sunshine) is actually reading it. "If this world is created to worship God and to obey His Prophet(pbuh), and to extol the wonderous and multi-channeled ways that the Divine let His presence be felt by us weak humans, is this already not good enough for today?"

Then my friend paused and smiled. "After all, who knows if there is a tomorrow for you?"

Ah. He is right. We should be happy with what we have, in the present. And we should be eternally grateful already for what the Lord has already provided for us in the past. The future? It is all in His hands, just like our past and present. And verily, if God is anything like what the Prophet, His Companions and the Saints have intimated... masyaAllah... is there anyone in all of Creation more blessed than you?!

Have a lovely day knocking on doors, sunshine. But sometimes it is God who is knocking on your door. Remember to recognise his knock!

You might guess that this entire posting is actually a riddle.
Good luck solving it!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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